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INTELEC® is an annual conference that examines and analyses the latest developments in communications energy systems and related power processing devices and circuits. Presentations include new developments in power electronics and telecommunications power systems, including DC power plants, powering architectures, AC systems, DC-DC converters, batteries, prime power systems, grounding, physical and thermal design, alternative power (e.g., engines, fuel cells, etc.), and building and equipment cooling systems. The scope of the conference will include but not limited to the following communications power and energy system topics:

The digest must be 5-pages long all-inclusive; formatted as single column with normal line spacing, margins and font size. The review process is double-blind, so authors should not include their names in the digests.

Authors of selected papers will be encouraged to submit an extended version for publishing in journals of the IEEE Power Electronics Society namely - Transactions on Power Electronics, Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, Transactions on Transportation Electrification, Open Journal of Power Electronics

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Call for papers Call for papers

Call for papers

Power electronic converters for ICT networks

  •    Circuit Topologies and control techniques for AC/DC, DC/DC, AC/AC and DC/AC power converters
  •    Utility interface inverters for energy generation and storage
  •    Power quality, UPSs, filters
  •    High-efficiency and high-density power supplies

Power systems for critical applications

  •    Renewable and alternative energy integration (Wind, PV, Hybrid, etc.)
  •    Microgrids: Islanded and grid-connected autonomous power systems
  •    Power distribution architectures for communications equipment
  •    Data center power system design and implementation
  •    Power for 5G wireless communication networks and beyond.
  •    Power for communications edge network elements.
  •    Control and operation of power plants for critical applications including the use of artificial intelligence tools.
  •    Wireless power transfer for handheld communications devices

Integrated operation and control of power converters for ICT infrastructures

  •    Power architecture and implementation of smart buildings with communications systems
  •    Integrated operation and energy management in communication networks.
  •    Electric Vehicle integration into smart buildings
  •    Renewable systems/battery and other energy storage integration
  •    Grid interaction applications

Energy storage for communications systems

  •    Architectures for energy storage
  •    Energy management techniques
  •    Batteries and associated interface circuitry
  •    Energy storage technologies
  •    Storage system modelling and simulation
  •    Advanced storage systems (hydrogen, fuel cell, etc.)

Resilient, reliable, and highly available power infrastructure for mission-critical applications

  •    Resilient, reliable, and highly available design and operation of power systems for critical loads
  •    Planning approaches for resilient power and ICT infrastructure.
  •    Forensic engineering studies of power grids and ICT networks performance during disruptive events.
  •    Reliability, fault-protection, diagnostics, prognostics and health management in communication systems
  •    Additional contributions to critical power and energy storage (healthcare, finances, security, industrial, off-shore and downhole applications, etc.)

Infrastructure for communications systems

  •    Physical and thermal design
  •    Power converter components and packaging
  •    Air conditioning and efficient operation of data centers and other critical load facilities
  •    Grounding and EMC
  •    Cyber-physical architecture in communication systems

Critical power for electric transportation

  •    Vehicular power electronic circuits and systems
  •    Power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles
  •    Power electronics for fuel cell and hydrogen-powered vehicles
  •    Power electronics for aerospace
  •    Charging systems